07/11/2013 04:26 pm ET Updated Feb 02, 2016

Eli Lieb, Gay Singer-Songwriter, Releases 'Young Love' Music Video (VIDEO)

Is your finger hurting from hitting the refresh button on Steve Grand's "All-American Boy" video?

Has it been hours since you've watched a new music video about young gay love and you need your fix?

Well, step away from the ledge because the YouTube gods have heard your prayers and answered them in the form of Eli Lieb (aka: your next super cute singer-songwriter crush! He meditates! He eats kale!) and the new video for his power-pop single, "Young Love."

With an ambiguous and vague title like that you're probably wondering what mysteries could be lurking behind the "play" button on your YouTube screen? Well, it is indeed about youth. Youth in love.

Now, you may be worried that maybe your prayers weren't specific enough, but never fear. Not only is this song and video about young gay love, it also includes males kissing (under fireworks no less! Katy Perry who?!)

What are you waiting for? Hit play and jump on this bandwagon of music videos featuring gay youths in love!



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