07/11/2013 08:22 am ET Updated Sep 10, 2013

Royal Baby Media Frenzy Kicks Into High Gear

The wait for Kate Middleton to finally give birth to the heir to the British crown has, predictably, also given birth to a mad media frenzy over the impending baby.

Middleton is due to give birth any minute now, and the "Royal Baby Watch" has kicked into high gear. The London hospital where the birth will take place is jammed with international press.

"Even before the first contractions, they are waiting," a BBC report on Thursday wryly began. A USA Today article noted that, with nothing to do but wait, bored reporters have begun interviewing each other.

The Associated Press sent out a press release on Monday, touting its extremely comprehensive plans for the big moment:

AP Global Media Services (GMS), the production arm of the Associated Press, today announced that it will have five stand-up locations available for broadcasters to use for their coverage of the birth of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's baby. This will provide broadcasters from around the world with the opportunity to cover this international media event in the most cost effective manner possible.

There are reports of a certain backlash to all the press attention. NBC News said, for instance, that an old woman was heard to shout at a photographer, "Why don't you get a real f---ing job?!"

Complicating matters is that the announcement will first be made on a notice board at Buckingham Palace. The effort to be the first to get a look at it will surely produce a minor riot.

And, no, The Huffington Post is not exempt. Have you seen the lovely "Royal Baby Watch" page?



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