07/11/2013 07:23 pm ET

'Skins: Pure': Cassie Has A Stalker In The UK Series' Return (VIDEO)

"Skins" is officially back and now that fans of the original UK series have revisited Effy Stonem's (Kaya Scodelario) story with "Skins: Fire," it's time to reconnect with Cassie Ainsworth (Hannah Murray), who returns with "Skins: Pure" on Monday, July 15 on E4 in the UK.

In the five years since we've seen her, Cassie has been living in America and is now back in London working at a cafe. "She’s also been with a boy in America. I will leave it up to the audience to decide who that could be," Murray told E4.

Could it be Sid Jenkins (Mike Bailey), who went to New York to find Cassie at the end of their run on "Skins"? Fans can only hope, though Murray, who now stars on "Game of Thrones" as Gilly, did tell Time Out London that the only returning cast member in her episodes is Neil Morrissey, who played her father. So even if it was Sid that Cass was living with across the pond, we won't be seeing Bailey.

What we will be seeing is quite frightening for Cassie, as the "Skins: Pure" trailer above proves. Turns out, she has a stalker.

In the first of two clips (below) of "Skins: Pure," Cassie finds out someone has been photographing her when a stranger recognizes Cassie and pulls up the photos on her iPad. "These are cool. Did your boyfriend take them?" the young woman tells a befuddled Cass. "There's nothing though. No name. Just this website."

In the second clip, it looks like Cassie is figuring out how to live at home in her apartment, knowing someone is watching her.

Murray, who has since earned an English degree from Cambridge University, told Interview magazine that she didn't initially want to be a part of "Skins" Season 7. “I thought I didn’t want to do the show again. But the producers told me it would be a stand-alone story in which five years had passed for the character, and I thought about how much I had changed in that time,” she explained.

Murray also told Time Out London that because it was solely Cassie's story "it made it feel like a different experience," adding this: "I wanted to do something new with a character I’d played before."

As for more "Skins" after "Pure," Murray said, "I think this works really nicely as an end to the show, and I know [series creator] Bryan Elsley feels it’s the end of Cassie’s story. So I don’t imagine she’ll be back. But I do love her, so I’ll never say never."

For more from Murray, click over to Time Out London, Interview and E4.

"Skins: Pure" airs on Monday, July 15 and Monday, July 22 at 10 p.m. BST on E4.

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