07/11/2013 04:32 pm ET Updated Jul 11, 2013

Wenyi Xu And Nicholas Bowen, California Couple, Accused Of Indecent Exposure Acts In Park

Some people prefer open relationships, but one California couple might have been just a little too eager to spread the love.

Davis, Calif., police arrested Wenyi Xu, 30, and Nicholas Bowen, 61, on Wednesday after they say a park worker saw Xu exposing herself to juveniles on bicycles from a bike overpass in a park while Bowen took pictures and recorded video.

Davis Police Lt. Tom Waltz told the Davis Enterprise that Xu concealed herself with a jacket and “would take whatever overclothes she had off and completely expose herself” to kids as they rode by on their bikes, while Bowen documented it with his cell phone.

Police told Fox affiliate KTXL that one boy fell off his bike when he saw the woman expose herself but was not injured. They said they believe the incident was planned and that the couple may have performed similar shoots in neighboring counties before.

Authorities are concerned that other kids may have come into contact with the couple, and they're encouraging anyone with information to contact them, KCRA notes.

Xu is charged with indecent exposure, annoying a child, engaging in lewd acts in public, and conspiracy. Bowen faces the same charges, with an additional count of assisting indecent exposure.

According to a follow-up by KTXL, community members expressed shock the alleged lewd photo shoot had taken place in the family-friendly park.

“[It's] pretty disturbing and very strange,” Sean Raffuse, whose family moved to Davis just a few days ago. (Uh, welcome to the neighborhood?)

The California penal code prohibits the willful, lewd exposure of private parts in any place "where there are present other persons to be offended or annoyed thereby." It's not like New York City, where you can have a topless book club, so long as you aren't trying to incite a riot.



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