07/11/2013 04:06 pm ET

Zimbabwe Hospital Fined Women For Screaming During Childbirth

A hospital in Zimbabwe fined women who screamed during childbirth, according to a new report on global corruption.

The report, released this week from Transparency International, found that nurses in the economically struggling country were told to charge women a $5 penalty for "raising false alarm."

The report also found that women who couldn't pay the fines, or other delivery fees, were detained at the hospital and charged interest.

Zimbabwe's Deputy Prime Minister called for an investigation into the practice. Since then, Transparency International said it has received no further complaints about the practice.

The maternity situation in Zimbabwe is dire. According a May report, ten women die every day while in labor. The cost of labor is staggering too-- $50, or a third of the annual income in the country. In some areas, women are reportedly required to bring with them some of the materials needed for delivery because the hospitals can't afford them.

For more on the report's findings, check out HuffPost World. You also can read the report here.

(h/t Washington Post)



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