07/12/2013 08:13 am ET

The Shady Group Behind The African-American Anti-Immigration Rally


Calling all immigration reform opponents! Monday is the day to stand up and be counted at the D.C. March for Jobs, as tea-party protesters will convene on Freedom Plaza before making their way to the Capitol. Scheduled speakers include Sen. Ted Cruz, Reps. Steve King and Mo Brooks, and former Rep. Allen West. Their theme for the day: Just Say “No” to Amnesty.

What makes this protest different from other protests? Officially, it’s being hosted not by any Tea Party affiliate but by the Black American Leadership Alliance, a self-described nonprofit dedicated to “Protecting the Futures of Black Americans.” Multiple BALA members, including founder Leah Durant, will speak at the rally, along with other ministers and activists from the black community. Message to critics: Take all your snotty assumptions about immigration opponents being a bunch of racist white folk and shove ‘em.