07/12/2013 04:34 pm ET

Buckminster Fuller Birthday: Celebrate The Geodesic Hero With An Amazing Video (PHOTOS)

By Gili Merin
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Happy 118th birthday Buckminster Fuller!

Today, July 12th, is Buckminister Fuller’s birthday (1895-1983). Known as the father of sustainability, Fuller was driven by his intention “to make the world work for 100% of humanity, in the shortest possible time, through spontaneous cooperation without ecological offense or disadvantage of anyone.”

Fuller never confined himself to a single profession and worked as a “comprehensive anticipatory design scientist” to solve global problems surrounding housing, shelter, transportation, education, energy, ecological destruction and poverty. Throughout his prolific career, Fuller held 28 patents, authored 28 books and received 47 honorary degrees. His best known artifact was the geodesic dome, which has been reproduced over 300,000 times worldwide.

Check out this fun video of Bucky singing his own version of “Home on the Range” above, which features such playful yet critical lines as:

“Let Architects dream of glass boxes with steam / And rich clients in hordes at their knees Just give me a home in a great circle dome / Where the birds and bees are at ease.”



Buckminster Fuller