07/12/2013 05:34 pm ET

Man vs. Ram Viral Video Ends Pretty Much The Way You'd Expect

The star of this video is sure to become the butt of many jokes this weekend after his attempt to challenge a ram ends pretty much the way you'd expect.

While little is known about this newly viral video, it does showcase the hilarious side effects of human stupidity. (Please don't try this at home.)

As his friends egg him on, the star of the clip -- wearing what appears to be a football helmet for protection -- attempts to goad a ram into headbutting him.

At first reluctant to engage with the silly human bobblehead, the ram eventually gives in and gives the guy a good smack to the face, and perhaps unsurprisingly, it appears to hurt quite a bit.

Adding insult to injury, the ram then proceeds to chase the unlucky human around in a hilarious sequence that an intrepid YouTuber user has helpfully set to music.

While it is not clear what motivated the incident, the video may remind some of an old Mountain Dew commercial that featured a man headbutting a ram over a refreshing bottle of soda.