07/12/2013 08:52 am ET Updated Jul 12, 2013

Nancy Grace Cuts Mic During Heated Clash With George Zimmerman Friend (VIDEO)

Nancy Grace hosted George Zimmerman's friend Frank Taaffe on her Tuesday HLN show but ended up cutting his mic during the interview.

Taaffe was sparring with Grace during a discussion on Zimmerman's decision to carry a gun. When Taaffe grew so heated that he did not let Grace speak, the HLN host asked her producer to cut off his mic. Grace then spoke over a silence Taaffe and said, "Yes, everyone has a right to carry a gun but it it's still extraordinary that you think it's so normal that [Zimmerman] carries a loaded gun—with ammo, no safety—to walk his dog."

Grace has clashed with Taaffe in the past. He appeared on Grace's show last month, when the HLN host dismissed his defense of Zimmerman.

CORRECTION: Previously, this post incorrectly stated the exchange occurred on Thursday.



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