07/12/2013 04:29 am ET Updated Jul 12, 2013

'Sharknado': Tara Reid And Ian Ziering Battle Sharks ... In A Tornado! (VIDEO)

Sharks are pretty scary. Tornadoes are pretty scary. That must mean a "Sharknado" would be downright terrifying, right? Syfy certainly thought so as they added this instant camp classic to their slate of ridiculous original movies. It was all about Tara Reid and Ian Ziering facing off against sharks in a tornado -- or more accurately, a hurricane. How is that possible? Who cares?!

The sharks swirled around in the sky and fell to the earth and Ziering even got to shoot a few of them while they were still in the air. There was a lot of looking scared, but for Reid there weren't that many lines. But she got to play all kinds of emotions when -- SPOILER ALERT! -- Ziering got swallowed by a shark in the end.

But -- SPOILER ALERT #2 -- that wasn't really the end! Ian used a chainsaw and powered his way through the shark and emerged looking like a blood-soaked zombie. So of course, she kissed him, blood and all!

This is the greatest movie of all time right now!

The Washington Post called it "your must-see summer movie," while Entertainment Weekly summed it up like this -- it's so wrong, it's all kinds of right.

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