07/14/2013 09:05 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

10 Good News Stories That Made This Week Awesome

A lot of pretty awesome things happened this week. Here's a list of the awesomest of the awesome -- the 10 best feel-good stories of the week.

10. We found out about this kitten's existence -- and her back story is actually super sweet.

9. These two widowers are helping each other cope with tragedy. And, oh yeah -- they just got married.

8. The man from this photograph started walking. And then he (along with the dude in the cowboy hat who saved him) gave a heartwarming interview to the 'Today' show.
jeff bauman

7. A motorcyclist performed an outrageous act of kindness just to save a stranger's cup of coffee.

6. This soldier had to leave his dog in Afghanistan -- and then a bunch of strangers helped them unite in the US. (There's footage!).
kevin brady

(Credit: Facebook/Guardians Of Rescue)

5. An unbelievably heroic attendant carried people on her back from Asiana Flight 214's smoldering remains.

4.Two guide dogs fell in love -- and then their owners followed suit! 3. Someone captured this incredible Chihuahua rescue on tape, and inspired all of us. chihuahuas

2. The Black Keys did THIS.
black keys

1. The best dog food commercial EVER went viral (and we're still emotional about it).

Bonus! (We couldn't resist): Have ya met Norm?



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