07/15/2013 01:32 pm ET

Karyssa Coleman, Ben Smethurst's Wedding Ruined When 'Chicken Fight' Breaks Out In Buffet Line

Karyssa Coleman planned to spend her wedding night with her new husband, Ben Smethurst, in rapturous bliss.

Instead, she spent it in a Norfolk, England, emergency room after her sister was punched by a relative during a brawl that started over a piece of chicken.

The wedding day fracas began when Danny Smethurst, 30, the brother and best man of groom Ben Smethurst, 26, reached into the buffet line to grab a piece of chicken for his son.

Curt Hughes, the bride's 53-year-old uncle, allegedly cried foul, punched Danny and then attacked the bride's sister, mother and father, according to

"Curt thought he was pushing in the queue, and called him "a fat c***," groom Ben Smethurst said, according to the Daily Mail. "My brother just told him there was no need to use that sort of language.

"People were [there] dancing and enjoying themselves and everything was fine until it was time to leave. Curt was heard saying that he should never have come to the wedding as it was s*** and the food was crap. He was just trying to belittle my wedding so my brother Danny said, 'Why don't you just f*** off then you d*******'. Danny then got punched."

So did Karyssa's sister, bridesmaid Krystel Coleman, 29, who was knocked out cold for 20 minutes after Hughes allegedly punched her. Karyssa, who is 8 months pregnant, had to drive her sister to the hospital on her wedding night after an ambulance failed to arrive, reported.

Eight cop cars and two police vans were sent to deal with the wedding day brawl and police arrested Hughes on suspicion of assault, the Sun reported. He was later released on bail.

As bad as Mr. and Mrs. Ben Smethurst's wedding night may have turned out, it's not the worst wedding brawl in recent memory.

In June 2012, police in Glendale, Calif., were called when a violent brawl broke out between 100 wedding guests.



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