07/15/2013 08:09 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

How To Prepare For The Royal Baby: A Guide (PHOTOS)

The royal baby is coming. Are you prepared? Follow these 10 easy steps to make sure you're ready for the future heir to the throne.

1. Always remain calm - If you're feeling overwhelmed with anticipation, just breathe.
keep calm and carry on

2. Keep the phone lines open - Will Kate Middleton be calling you for baby advice? Probably not, but just to be safe.
waiting phone call

3. Buy Pippa some books on how to be a good aunt - Mail them to England!
pippa middleton

4. Buy party hats - You don't want the baby to be born and you to be the only fool not wearing a party hat.

5. Childproof your home - Is the royal baby coming over? Probably not, but good to just be safe.
barbed wire

6. Start thinking like a fancy baby - So you can anticipate its needs. Could you possibly provide for the needs of a fancy baby? No, but it's good to be on the same page.
fancy baby

7. Practice your look of surprise - When the baby's gender is announced, your face will be ready.

8. Change your ringtone to "God Save The Queen" - Just do it.
queen elizabeth

9. Take a look at your outfit - Is it fit for the presence of royalty? No? What are you doing? The baby is coming any minute!

10. How are you at metalworking? - Could you potentially forge a baby-sized crown of gold? If not, time to take a class.
baby crown



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