07/15/2013 06:24 am ET

'The Wanted Life' Finale: The Group Checks In On Nathan After His Vocal Cord Surgery (VIDEO)

The season finale of "The Wanted Life" saw the band check in on Nathan Sykes after the surgery he had on his vocal cords. It was an emotional reunion for the band, who'd faced the possibility of the end of The Wanted as they knew it. If Nathan didn't come out of the surgery with success, he'd have to withdraw from the popular group.

“It’s definitely a reminder that fame comes really quickly and it can go away just as fast," said bandmate Jay McGuiness.

Luckily, it was good news for Nathan and the group. The surgery was a success and helped him with his vocal cord issues. Nathan is now performing with the band again.

Max George said cheers to Nathan on Twitter, and looked forward to a great future. The Wanted teased a bit of that future at the end of the episode, dropping a preview of their new single, “We Own the Night,” They reported that they'll shoot the music video for the track soon.

The group talked to MTV after the season about what it was like filming a reality show. They agreed that it was a positive experience for them. It did change the group, but for the better. They said, "It was kind of a glorified counseling session ... It really brought us closer together because it showed that we cared more."

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