07/15/2013 12:41 pm ET Updated Jul 15, 2013

Thomas Roberts: Americans Are 'Treating Each Other With Such Disdain It's Not Even Funny' (VIDEO)

During a discussion on the George Zimmerman trial verdict on Monday, MSNBC's Thomas Roberts broke out into an impassioned rant about how minorities in U.S. are ostracized and criticized.

Speaking to MSNBC hosts Melissa Harris-Perry, Touré and legal analyst Lisa Bloom, Roberts questioned how minorities in America were treated by fellow citizens:

Don’t we need to do a lot more about our social contract with each other in this country when it comes to being others? Because, as we look at this, we can use this as a great pivot point to talk about race relations in this country. But, being an 'other'—whether it’s LGBT, because you’re then suspected of being a pedophile and a rabid disease carrier. And if you are a woman, well you certainly don’t have a right to your own body and your own reproductive health, because if you do, then you’re just a slut who wants to sleep around and use abortion as birth control. And then if you’re Hispanic, well you're just a taker, you're not a maker. And you just want to come here and have anchor babies and you just want to lay off the land.

Roberts then challenged MSNBC to sponsor an "I Am Other" forum to bring people to discuss what he called "the social contract we have currently negotiated that is so wrong."

"It’s supposed to be a melting pot but we're treating each other with such disdain it’s not even funny," he said.

Roberts is not the only host to react so passionately to the news of the George Zimmerman trial verdict. News anchors and pundits spoke out about the verdict over the weekend. Harris-Perry had a deeply personal reaction on Sunday, when she revealed the relief she felt when she found out she was pregnant with a girl, not a boy.

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