07/15/2013 05:51 pm ET

Treasure Coast Reveals 48 Gold Coins, Worth $250,000, To Hunters Off Florida's Wabasso Beach

Captain Greg Bounds is accustomed to dredging up "beer cans, fishing weights, and ... garbage."

But on Saturday, he made quite the find when he uncovered 48 gold coins, worth an estimated $250,000, off Florida's Wabasso Beach, CNN reports.

The gold dates back to a shipwreck that occurred nearly 300 years ago, when a hurricane sunk Spanish galleons just off what is now called the Treasure Coast. Remarkably, the coins' dates -- which range from 1697 to 1714 -- are still legible.

"You go out every day, hoping that it's gonna happen, and a lot of times it doesn't," Bounds, who was hired by a salvage company, explained to WPTV. "But when it does, it's just amazing, the feeling that you get."

This is the third recent discovery for the 1715 Treasure Fleet Queen's Jewels salvage company, owned by Brent Brisben. In July of 2010, the company found a bronze swivel gun packed full of gold and silver coins.

One month later, the company unearthed a solid gold bird statue from 1715 that has since been appraised at $885,000.