07/16/2013 02:13 pm ET

Al Madrigal: Latinos Aren't All The Same

Latinos aren’t all the same and Al Madrigal is here to prove it once and for all.

The largest minority group in the U.S. is a growing political power that the leaders of this country are looking to tap into. Yet some seem to do better than others.

To access that power, politicians must first understand the growing Latino population, and Al Madrigal, The Daily Show’s Senior Latino Correspondent, is here to help.

On the show Monday night, Madrigal exclaimed: “I’m so sick of people treating Latinos like some homogenous group that all feel the same way about everything.”

“We shouldn’t be [identified as one group] -- that’s like lumping all Europeans together,” Madrigal told Englishman John Oliver, acting host of the show while Jon Stewart is on vacation. “What if I said you were exactly the same as the French?” Oliver responded by waving a broken bottle in Madrigal’s face -- ‘nuff said.

Madrigal further proves his point by going out into the streets of New York to interview Latinos about, well... other Latinos.

“Latinos are all the same except for Mexicans really,” said one Colombian. An Ecuadorian pointed out that “Dominicans and Puerto Ricans don’t know how to speak Spanish.”

And Chileans? Well they just “eat too much Mayo,” according to one Mexican.

The one thing Latinos do have in common? "Hating Latinos."

Watch the segment in the video above.



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