07/16/2013 02:08 pm ET Updated Jul 16, 2013

Pippa Middleton May Sue Over Parody Book, Twitter Account: REPORT

Pippa Middleton is not happy.

According to the UK's Sunday Times, Kate's younger sister is threatening to sue a popular Twitter account and parody book that has been enjoying great success at her expense.

Middleton has reportedly launched legal action against Mat Morrisroe and Suzanne Azzopardi, the creators of @Pippatips, a spoof Twitter account which lampoons the 29-year-old socialite by sharing comically basic party planning and fashion "tips" with its 50,000-plus followers:

Capitalizing on their Twitter success, Morrisroe and Azzopardi took another swipe at Middleton in June, publishing a parody book entitled When One Is Expecting: A Posh Person's Guide to Pregnancy and Parenting. As MSN notes, the spoof guide has since surpassed Middleton's book Celebrate in Amazon sales in the UK.

Not that it was too hard. We still haven't forgotten the bomb that was Celebrate, which not only sold shockingly few copies but also made Pips the butt of many jokes poking fun at her lackluster advice.

"Could it be more basic? Why not try roasting a turkey for Christmas or lighting small candles on a cake to celebrate a birthday? Hey, here’s another crazeee idea -- whatᅡᅠabout making pancakes for PancakeᅡᅠDay?" wrote the Daily Mail's Jan Moir last year in her review of the book.

Despite the barrage of criticism, plucky Pips initially took it all in stride, even laughing off the success of @Pippatips. "It’s all good fun, I know, and I realize that authors ought to take criticism on the chin," she wrote in an essay for the Spectator in December.

Her tune, however, seems to have changed dramatically. According to the Times, Middleton's lawyers have demanded that Morrisroe's and Azzopardi's be pulled and that their Twitter account be deleted. Maybe she's cracking down now that she's a fancy Vanity Fair editor?

@Pippatips has been silent since June 14.

Happier times?

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