07/17/2013 08:44 am ET Updated Sep 16, 2013

Eric Bolling, Rand Paul Agree: The Filibuster Is Keeping Rachel Maddow Off The Supreme Court (VIDEO)

Fox News host Eric Bolling and Senator Rand Paul both agreed on Tuesday that the filibuster is needed to keep major political positions out of the clutches of Rachel Maddow.

Bolling, who was guest-hosting Neal Cavuto's show, spoke to Paul about the Senate's recent deal on the filibuster, which saw several of President Obama's nominees get confirmed after many months of waiting. Bolling warned that, if the filibuster were weakened further, all sorts of terrible things could happen.

"Frankly, if you didn't have a filibuster, what would stop President Obama from appointing, say, Al Sharpton as attorney general or Rachel Maddow on the Supreme Court?" Bolling wondered aloud.

It seems a tad unlikely that Maddow or Sharpton would be found to have the necessary qualifications for such posts, but Paul ran with the idea.

"Right!" Paul replied. "If you were to get an extremist like that, someone with an extreme point of view, the majority here could pass it with 51 votes, but with the filibuster then it would take 60 votes, so you're less likely to get someone with those kinds of extreme views to be nominated and approved by the Senate."

Paul, of course, made an infamous and disastrous appearance on Maddow's show when he was initially running for Senate in 2010. He has not been favorably disposed to her since then.

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