07/17/2013 01:40 pm ET

Single Women In College Feel 'Cultural Push' To Be Unattached (VIDEO)

College is a time of self-discovery and experimentation, and for some students that includes exploring a serious relationship. But many young women are choosing not to make long-term commitments during their school years, preferring instead to focus on their career aspirations or social opportunities.

In a conversation about women and casual sex, HuffPost Live's Caitlyn Becker delved into why women might prefer being single while they're students.

Caitlin Corsetti, an editorial assistant at Gurl.com, regrets not coming to that conclusion sooner. Instead, she spent most of her college years tied to boyfriends, and she told HuffPost Live she wishes she'd been more independent.

"I still don't even know myself [a year after graduating], and I wish I had taken the time through college to really learn who I was before I invested so much time in someone," she said.

That sentiment is a popular one, and it's part of "a cultural push to not be attached in any way," said Amber Madison, a writer who explores relationships. But skipping out on college love could mean missing out on a unique opportunity to "discover yourself in different contexts," she added.

Catch the whole conversation about no-commitment sex at HuffPost Live HERE.



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