07/18/2013 01:07 am ET

Steve Spurrier At Media Day: SEC Coaches Willing to Pay Their Players


By Jose Martinez, Complex Sports

It's a debate that may go on forever. Should college athletes be paid for playing in sports? While there are people arguing on both sides of the issue, South Carolina football coach Steve Spurrier revealed yesterday that, not only are the teams in the SEC Conference onboard with the idea of paying their players, but they also have a dollar amount already in mind.

While addressing the media day crowd, Spurrier said that all the SEC coaches are willing to commit $280,000 for the cause. A sum that Spurrier admits "is tiny compared to the money that's coming in now." When broken down, each athlete would receive a "little bit," or around $3,600, which would allow them to have some pocket change to utilize however they see fit.

Spurrier also pointed out that he will continue to fight for his players until "President Obama would say, 'Spurrier, you and those coaches need to quit fighting for your players, that they get enough, they get enough full scholarship,' then I'll shut up about it.''

So, there's that.

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