07/18/2013 04:28 am ET Updated Jul 18, 2013

'The Bridge': Body Count Rises With Group Of Mexicans Trying To Cross The Border Illegally (VIDEO)

The serial killer from last week's premiere of "The Bridge" has been leaving a calling card at his crime scenes. Sonya discovered it while investigating an old crime scene, and then she found it again at a new scene. This time, it was nine dead bodies. Throughout the episode, we'd been following a group of Mexicans hoping to cross the border.

Apparently, they awoke to find water available for them to drink. Only one of them was wise enough to not trust the water. She wasn't at the scene where Sonya and Marco found the other bodies. Unfortunately, that doesn't appear to have been much of a blessing for her.

Hyperventilating, she was seen crawling toward the road. There, a mysterious man pulled his car over and approached her. This was how the episode left the nameless woman. This probably isn't going to go well for her.

As for the nine bodies, they were found near a skeleton dressed in clothing and propped up. Similar skeletons have cropped up in various other places, including a tunnel used to smuggle Mexicans into Texas. There, it was described as part of a shrine for someone who'd died in the tunnel.

The AV Club appreciated that "The Bridge" is bringing some of the more controversial issues of immigration to light. "Watching 10 people attempt to cross the border in ways so desperate they would kill for it, is not often portrayed on television and those scenes illustrated the wider issues 'The Bridge' deals with," they wrote. "Whether they have significance beyond bad luck or whether their de facto leader survives has yet to be determined.”

On the other hand, IGN thought these new murders were a little convenient, writing, "I don’t buy all the coincidences it took to get [the immigrants] to that point." Viewers, on the other hand, seem to be enjoying the mystery so far. They made last week's debut the third-largest premiere in FX history with 4.12 million viewers. Only "American Horror Story" and "The Americans" have done better.

The mystery deepens on "The Bridge," Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET on FX.

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