07/19/2013 03:22 pm ET

Best 'Cups' YouTube Covers: Our Top 10 Favorite Versions Of Anna Kendrick's 'Pitch Perfect' Song

By Riley Griffin

Whether you're listening to the radio, at the gym or even by the beach, it's a safe bet you can't escape hearing the "Cups" song from the movie "Pitch Perfect." It's become so popular, you might even be humming it in your sleep.

Lulu and the Lampshades originally covered the old folk song, "When I'm Gone," back in 2009. After Anna Kendrick performed the song a capella using a plastic cup to make a beat in "Pitch Perfect," even more people were inspired to create covers of their own.

One teen achieved viral success with her "Cups" song cover back in February. Kiersten Kelly, a 17-year-old whose right arm stops below the elbow because she was born with a physical disability, flawlessly sang and performed the routine. The video currently has 330,000 views.

Click through the slideshow below for our top 10 favorite "Cups" covers on YouTube -- including Kiersten's -- and sound off in the comments below or tweet @HuffPostTeen with your favorite videos!



Cups Song Covers