07/19/2013 05:29 pm ET

David Dewhurst: 'I Saw Some' Feces, Urine Being Taken Into Texas Capitol (AUDIO)

Texas Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst (R) claims he saw protesters with bottles of urine and bags of feces at the state capitol as lawmakers were wrapping up debate on sweeping abortion restrictions on July 12.

Demonstrators packed the capitol ahead of debate on a controversial abortion bill, which was later passed by a vote of 19-11. According to the AP, security was tight at the capitol, and state troopers reported confiscating bottles of urine and feces during the event.

During a radio interview with the Waco Tea Party, Dewhurst said he witnessed some of the chaos in the capitol, saying "one lady tried to chain herself to the rail" and claiming he "saw some of" the urine and feces.

“I walked over to where they were screening and they were getting bottles out and smelling them, they were getting water bottles out and smelling and they had urine in it," Dewhurst said. "And there were bags they had set aside and were going to put in the trash and throw it out, of feces. Just despicable. Despicable.”

State troopers caused a stir when they began confiscating tampons, maxi pads and other potential projectiles from those who entered the Texas capitol. The Department of Public Safety was reportedly convinced by state Sen. Kirk Watson to stop confiscating the items.

(h/t Texas Observer)



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