07/19/2013 04:36 pm ET Updated Sep 18, 2013

Jason Segel Makes Surprise Appearance On HuffPost Live Comics Segment (VIDEO)

During a HuffPost Live segment Friday about "Iron Man 3," and how to turn a comic book into a major motion picture, Jason Segel, star of the hit television show "How I Met Your Mother," made a surprise appearance live from his home in California.

One of the scheduled guests, "Iron Man 3" co-writer Drew Pearce, joined HuffPost Live via Google Hangout from Segel's home, as the two are working on a new film about punk rockers coming of age.

When HuffPost Live host Josh Zepps first asked Pearce whether Segel could join the segment, Pearce claimed that Segel was "in the loo." But later in the segment, and after further urging from Zepps, Segel popped in and talked adapting the "Muppets," his new children's book, and how he's headed to Comic-Con Saturday to appear with the rest of the "How I Met Your Mother" cast members.

Watch the video above and be sure to catch the Full Segment on HuffPost Live.