07/20/2013 09:06 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Emma Ritter, Girl With Cystic Fibrosis, Is About To See Her Birthday Wish Come True (VIDEO)

All Emma Ritter wanted for her 7th birthday was 100 cards. Now, this little girl, who is fighting a terrible disease, is about to see her very simple wish come true -- and then some.

Emma has cystic fibrosis. She was diagnosed when she was only 18 months old, and as 23 ABC reports, she has already been hospitalized fourteen times in her short life. Yet, as the news station points out, Emma was never in the hospital on her birthday -- until this year (she will be recovering from sinus surgery when she turns 7 on Monday). So, Emma's mom, Lisa Ritter, asked her what she wants most on her special day.

As soon as Emma requested the cards, Lisa went online. KGET reports that she posted about her daughter's one wish on Facebook and cards started coming. Then, Reddit got a hold of the story. "This little girl is in the hospital for her 7th birthday on Monday because she has cystic fibrosis. She only has one birthday wish - 100 Cards. Lets blow that wish out of the water Reddit," a poster called Soggydoughnuts posted with Emma's photo.

Less than a week after the online community made the sweetest pizza party of all time for a 2-year-old cancer patient, it's unsurprising that the post about Emma shot up in popularity, making Reddit's front page by the end of the day on Friday.

As Emma's dad, Matt Ritter, told KGET, the original goal of 100 cards looks likely to happen. "I'm assuming is going to be up in the higher thousand. So, we're excited," he said.

Commenters on Reddit, who were quick to say they were sending cards, wanted to know what sorts of things Emma likes so they could personalize their offerings. Some found clues in a tearjerker YouTube video Lisa posted in March to raise awareness and money for cystic fibrosis research (watch below). A few, of course, figured pizza would be the best option, whether she was asking for it or not.

But Emma's sisters, Abby and Ayva, also had advice for potential card-senders. Ayva told 23 ABC that Emma "always likes green" and Abby was quick to add, "Her favorite color is blue ..."

"... and green," Ayva said. "That's her favoritest color."

Cards for Emma can be sent to the following address:

Emma Ritter Room 506
c/o Children's Hospital Central California
9300 Children's Place
Madera, CA 93636

Or via e-mail by using a form on the Children's Hospital Central California website.




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