07/23/2013 06:44 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Atlanta Sinkholes Baffle Resident Lori Woroschuk, Who Apparently Cannot Stop Poking At Them

Lori Woroschuk has an issue with sinkholes. They keep appearing in her yard. At last count, there were five. There could soon be more, Atlanta city officials think.

She doesn't know what to do about them. So far, she's set up a fence around them. There are deck chairs around the perimeter of the fence. People climb over the fence to get a closer look at the holes. Where do they go? No one knows.

Woroschuk pokes at the holes with a stick that she has, but the holes are deeper than the stick can reach. The holes tell no tales. She is "worried about her animals."

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atlanta sinkholes

Lori Woroschuk pokes at one of five sinkholes in her yard. (Screen grab: WSB-TV)

Tony Thomas works for the news. He is intrepid. He also has a kind of stick. He puts a camera at the end of it. But not even investigative journalism can reveal the depths of these holes.

atlanta sinkholes

Reporter Tony Thomas investigates a hole with a small camera on a pole. (Screen grab: WSB-TV)

Gosh darn sinkholes. They're always swallowing people, or cars, or filling up with mysterious glowing crap. Woroshuk is concerned the holes will compromise the garage. Fortunately, the garage is before the house.

atlanta sinkholes

That hole is deep. (Screen grab: WSB-TV)



Gigantic Sinkholes