07/23/2013 04:24 am ET Updated Jul 23, 2013

'Teen Wolf': Derek's Origin Story Reveals Painful Tragedy, Why His Eyes Are Blue (VIDEO)

It was origin story time on "Teen Wolf" and there were two stories being filled in. Deucalion's story was being told to Scott and Allison by Allison's grandfather, while Derek's uncle was telling Derek's story. But neither man proved a reliable narrator. Luckily, the audience was treated to the events as they really happened, and it shed a lot of light onto the characters of both men.

It was revealed that Derek fell hard for a teenager named Paige when he was younger. His Uncle Peter tried to convince him to turn her, but Derek resisted. When he refused, Peter had another werewolf bite her instead. But Paige wasn't strong enough to survive the transformation and begged Derek to put her out of her misery. He did so, but the taking of an innocent life is apparently what turns a werewolf's eyes blue.

Hollywood Life's Andy Swift loved the origin story, noting that we finally found out why Derek's big, bushy eyebrows always look so sullen.

As for Deucalion, Allison's Grandpa Gerard was the one who blinded him, though the story he told saw him being ambushed by the werewolves. The truth was far worse, with Gerard killing his own men with a mace designed to make the wounds look like werewolf wounds. He then took Deucalion's sight, though it was revealed that Deucalion's inner wolf can still see.

"Teen Wolf" gets back to the present story as the drama continues on Mondays at 10 p.m. ET on MTV.

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