07/23/2013 01:39 pm ET

Texas Girl Who Claimed To Escape Captors Not Kidnapped, Police Say; Sex Assault Investigated

Texas police think that a girl who claimed to have escaped men who she said held her against her will was not kidnapped. However, police still believe she was the victim of "multiple sexual assaults" and are investigating.

The girl, 15, contacted police from a Lubbock, Texas, McDonald's last weekend and reported that she had escaped from a house nearby after being held captive for six weeks. Witnesses told area news outlet KLBK that the girl "looked frightened" and was dirty, as if she had not bathed in days.

After conducting additional interviews following a raid on the house where the girl claimed to have been held, Lubbock police determined that she was not kidnapped, but because of her age, sex charges are likely.

“The fact is she’s 15, so even if it was consensual, it’s still against the law,” Sgt. Jason Lewis told the Amarillo Globe-News. “There will be some charges forthcoming."

According to NBC Dallas-Fort Worth, police now believe the young woman, who is described as a runaway, is involved in prostitution. In addition to allegedly fabricating the kidnapping story, police said the girl also lied about another victim at the house.

"As far as we know, there's no second girl," Lewis told the station. "She's it."

The investigation into the sexual assault is ongoing. Although police have suspects in mind, as of Monday, no criminal charges had been filed, NBC affiliate KCBD reported.



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