07/24/2013 10:14 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

12 Reasons Why Prince Harry Will Be The Royal Baby's 'Cool' Uncle (PHOTOS, GIFS)

In our opinion, Prince Harry has the best deal out of all the royals. Sadly, he will never be King of England -- that immense honor will eventually go to his new little nephew.

However, Harry still gets to live life as a royal, and since he's not in the spotlight constantly, he gets to have a lot of fun. Here are some reasons why Prince Harry is seriously going to be the royal prince's coolest uncle ever...

Harry has been famous since the day he was born -- just like the royal baby. Therefore, he will be the perfect coach on how to smile for the cameras at an early age.

He's already met the little prince! What a dedicated and loving uncle.

He can give the baby great tips on how to handle really boring events where attendance is required.

He'll show his nephew how to shoot some hoops.

He'll teach the young prince compassion and empathy, qualities that will serve him well as the future king.

If/when the royal prince becomes an older brother, Prince Harry will show him the ropes on how to make his sibling laugh.

He can definitely teach the prince a thing or two on how to get down.

He'll teach the royal baby how to be a total badass and fly a plane.

And how to go camping in style.

When the royal baby gets to that certain age, we all know who he will be turning to for some advice on how to flirt...

And when it's time to party, we also know who the royal prince will be looking up to.

And the final reason? The royal baby inherited these features. Swoon.

Do you think the young prince will grow up to be a ladies' man like his uncle?

Flirting With Prince Harry...

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