07/25/2013 01:23 pm ET Updated Sep 24, 2013

3-Year-Old Found Alone In Miami Apartment With Assault Rifles And A Grenade (VIDEO)

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MIAMI -- A three-year-old child was found alone Wednesday evening in her father's Little Havana apartment building, where she had been left among high-powered assault weapons and a grenade.

A "great arsenal of weapons and ammunitions" including several AR-15 rifles and the grenade were sitting out on a table, unsecured and easily accessible to the girl, according to police reports. Neighbors called authorities to report the child was wandering alone inside the building, and officers found the apartment door wide open.

Her father Luis Bianchi, 25, is being held on $5,000 bond on child neglect charges, according to jail records. NBC Miami reports Bianchi turned himself in after seeing a report about his daughter on the evening news.

Bianchi's father said through a translator he was shocked at his son's behavior, WSVN reports: "He has a license to carry guns. He has a security license ... I just don't believe it."

According to his arrest report, Bianchi told investigators that he was running late to work Wednesday night and left the girl in front of the TV in his apartment because her mother told him she was on her way. He claimed he pulled a couch in front of the door to the bedroom containing the weapons and locked the front door of the apartment, but police say they found the unit unlocked when they arrived half an hour later -- and the couch was not completely blocking access to the guns and grenade.

"He did not leave her in the care of any adult, as he assumed the girl's mother was on her way to the apartment," wrote an arresting officer.

The child remains in police custody Thursday, celebrating her 4th birthday according to WSVN. Information on the whereabouts of her mother has not been released.