07/25/2013 02:38 pm ET Updated Sep 24, 2013

All Of The 196 Surgeries Ever Performed On 'Nip/Tuck'


It's hard to believe that a decade has passed since Nip/Tuck premiered on FX and brought both plastic surgery and titular slash marks to the mainstream in a way not seen since the 1997 action flick Face/Off. To celebrate the Ryan Murphy drama's recent tenth anniversary, Vulture scoured all 100 episodes to compile a list of every single surgery performed on the series, which depicted the exploits -- medical and otherwise -- of Sean McNamara (Dylan Walsh) and Christian Troy (Julian McMahon). And those sexy cable doctors sure did perform a lot of them! Despite all the infidelity, drug use, run-ins with organized crime rings, and sex with patients, they found time to tackle nearly 200 sometimes humorous, often entertaining, and usually disgusting procedures. Here they are (along with a few depicted by other doctors on the show), counting down from head to toe.