07/25/2013 02:01 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Engagement Photo Featuring Couple's Dog Is Just Too Cute

One Baltimore couple proved that dogs really are a part of the family.

On Wednesday, Lisa posted a picture from her engagement shoot to Reddit. The photo features her and her fiancé Ben's hands stacked on top of one another with one adorable addition: the paw of their 5-year-old yellow labrador mix Mac. Check out the aww-worthy photo below:

Credit: Kimberly Kelleher Photography

"I love this photo because it perfectly portrays the simple dynamic of our family," Lisa told the Huffington Post. "Even though he's furry and walks on four legs, he is still such an important element that loves, cares and protects us unconditionally."

The couple plans to tie the knot on December 7, 2013 -- Mac's birthday!

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