Glenn Beck Shames Michele Bachmann For Supporting NSA Spying On Americans (VIDEO)

Glenn Beck went on a rant against Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) on Thursday, blasting the congresswoman's support of the NSA's spying on Americans.

On Wednesday evening, conservative Republicans and liberal Democrats joined forces in a rare show of bipartisanship to vote down a proposal from libertarian Republican Justin Amash. The measure, which was offered as an amendment to the Department of Defense appropriations bill, would have restricted the NSA's ability to collect data on Americans unless they were under a criminal investigation or involved in terrorism.

Despite the fact that the White House, the NSA and 111 Democrats support the arbitrary collection of domestic records, Bachmann, John Boehner, Eric Cantor, Paul Ryan and 130 other Republicans voted to defeat the Amash amendment. Bachmann also complained about the “false narratives” being spread about what the surveillance program is actually collecting.

"Your name, your address is in the phone book. Your name, your address is not in this national security database," Bachmann said.

On Thursday, Beck appeared on TheBlaze, the conservative libertarian TV network he founded, to take Bachmann to task for her "nonsense" comments.

"Don't talk to me about the phone book! First of all, nobody uses the phone book anymore. Don't talk to me about the phone book," Beck said. "I know that the post office is taking pictures of every letter, etc., etc. Who uses a letter anymore?!"

Beck and his co-hosts also complained about the type of data being gathered by the government, and the use of the FISA court to rubberstamp requests allowing domestic surveillance.

"There’s no freedom there and it’s not a false narrative, Michele Bachmann, and shame on you for saying that," Beck said. "Shame on you. You know better than that. And I like you and I have respect for you, but shame on you.”

Beck then turned to his favorite presentation tool -- the chalkboard -- to illustrate his point, writing: “Michelle B- is not dead to me but she is in very very very ILL HEALTH.”

Not surprisingly, Beck misspelled the congresswoman's first name.

Click above to watch the video.

(h/t Mediaite)