07/25/2013 02:39 pm ET Updated Sep 24, 2013

Mark Thompson Tried To Cancel 'Doctor Who,' And That Is Terrible


Dear New York Times CEO Mark Thompson--

We have a bone to pick with you.

Don't worry. It's not about anything you've done in your current job, and it's not about all of that trouble you got into when you were running the BBC and handled some things quite a bit differently than people might have wanted you to.

No, this is about "Doctor Who." You've heard of it, perhaps? Iconic British sci-fi show? Increasingly popular in America? Objectively great? Maybe this will refresh your memory:

We, along with many millions of people, are fans of this show. So you can imagine our horror when we read today that you were all for CANCELING "Doctor Who" back when it was first being revived in the mid-2000s.

As Jane Tranter, who helped the show's successful return to the airwaves, put it in an interview with Doctor Who Magazine, you were scared of your new co-worker, Michael Grade, who didn't much care for the show. So scared, in fact, that you tried to kill it before it had even relaunched!

"When [Grade] arrived as Chairman, Mark Thompson was back as Director General and actually asked me if we could stop [production of Doctor Who]," Tranter said. She refused, and even had to lie to get you to back off.

How could you, Mark? How could you treat such an institution with this level of shabby contempt? If you'd gotten your way, the world would have been robbed of eight years of thrilling television, and it would have been all your fault.

We can only be thankful that noble BBC employees stood up to you.

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