07/25/2013 02:09 pm ET

Marriage After Infidelity: Psychologist Says Affair May Strengthen Relationship

Can infidelity make a marriage stronger?

Yes, according to psychologist Clifford Lazarus. He appeared on HuffPost Live recently and likened an affair to a non-fatal heart attack.

"Just like a heart attack that doesn't kill a person can ironically lead them to be in better cardiac health a couple of years post-MI (myocardial infarction) then they were a couple of years pre-MI, similarly, if there's a couple that's in distress but basically it's not a fatal kind of malfunction in the marriage, then it's possible that the act of infidelity might be the kind of crisis that provides the opportunity [to address problems in the marriage,]" he said. "In some cases, a marriage can be stronger after an affair then it was in the years leading up to it."

Do you agree? Check out what else he had to say in the video clip above (and click here for the full segment), then scroll through the slideshow below for our readers' take.

Can An Affair Make A Marriage Stronger?

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