07/25/2013 03:47 pm ET Updated Jul 25, 2013

Shailene Woodley And Miles Teller Explain 'Divergent' Factions On HuffPost Live (VIDEO)

Turns out, Shailene Woodley isn't all that different from the fictional characters she plays on the big screen after all -- at least, when it comes to the highly anticipated film adaptation "Divergent."

The actress stopped by HuffPost Live yesterday with co-star Miles Teller (who also plays her love interest in the upcoming movie "The Spectacular Now") where they demonstrated the Nerdfighter salute -- a nod to John Green, whose wildly popular book-turned-movie also stars Shailene -- and took turns explaining "factions."

For those who have yet to read "Divergent," the story is set in a dystopian, futuristic society that's divided into five factions: abnegation, erudite, dauntless, amity and candor. Every year, 16-year-olds have to decide the faction they will be in for the rest of their lives based on the different virtues each faction represents.

When asked which faction they would place each other according to their real-life personalities, Miles joked that Shailene would put him in the dauntless faction because it's associated with being fearless and action-seeking. Watch in the video above.

"Shailene is half-warrior, half-abnegation," Miles explained when trying to place his co-star in a faction. "I would say you're pretty selfless."

"I think I would have some amity too," she chimed in.

"She's all of them," Miles responded. "She is a divergent -- that's when you're all of them."

Click here to watch the full interview with Shailene Woodley and Miles Teller on HuffPost Live.

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