07/25/2013 01:44 pm ET

Varun Jain, 14-Year-Old, Earns Perfect SAT Score Before Starting High School (VIDEO)

Though he just finished the eighth grade and is getting ready to enter his freshman year of high school, Varun Jain has already accomplished something that most students don't ever achieve: the 14-year-old took the SATs -- and got a perfect score.

According to ABC News, the California teen started to prep for the standardized test the night before the exam after his father, Vivek Jain, reminded him. When Vivek woke up his son one morning in June to tell him he scored a 2400 on the test, Varun responded with "Wow," then fell back asleep.

"We have seen quite a few geniuses here and there, but they only have a gift for one thing," Vivek said. "Varun has an ability that is so well-rounded.”

Based on Varun's other academic successes, it's not much of a surprise that he aced the rigorous test. The star student also took the AP Calculus BC exam after only enrolling in a month-long online course, and also has a scholarship to take classes at a community college from Johns Hopkins University.

Varun will most likely graduate high school early and is currently interested in studying computer science at Harvard or MIT.

Landing a perfect SAT score is nothing short of a rarity. ABC News reports that over 1.6 million students took the SATs in 2012 and only 360 students scored an 800 in all three subject areas.

While it's incredibly uncommon for students to reach perfection on the SATs, NBC reported in February that three teens from the same high school in Pennsylvania all scored 2400s. Julie Baldassano, Benjamin She and William Raynor from Upper Dublin High School said they dedicated years of studying and hard work in order to achieve their flawless scores.

"Taking a standardized test like the SAT is just like doing a skill like poker," Benjamin told NBC. "It's all about what you need to do to analyze the questions."

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