07/25/2013 08:24 pm ET

Wedding Photographer Loses Couple's Big Day Photos When Camera Is Stolen

A South Carolina wedding photographer's worst nightmare was realized when her camera was stolen over the weekend.

The photographer, Kristin Jordan, told FOX Carolina that she always brings her camera inside with her after shooting a wedding, but this time she left it in the car.

When she went to look for it the next morning, she discovered her car had been broken into and the camera was gone. Jordan has yet to deliver the bad news to the bride and groom, who are currently on their honeymoon.

She has placed calls to local pawn shops and filed a report with the police, hoping she can fix the situation before the couple gets home.

"I'm really doing everything I can to try and get them back or get a lead or something," she told FOX Carolina. "Just the memory card, like, camera aside, I don't even worry about that, it's the memory cards."

Watch the video above for more on the heartbreaking story. Then click through the slideshow below for 30 more Big Day disasters.

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