07/26/2013 02:51 pm ET Updated Jul 26, 2013

Lollapalooza, City Plan Ahead For Storms, Ecstasy Overdoses


With the sold-out Lollapalooza set to descend on the city next week -- bringing with it an estimated 100,000 daily festivalgoers -- fest organizers and the city are both preparing in earnest.

After massive storms forced a frenzied evacuation of about 60,000 from Grant Park on the festival's second day for several hours last year -- and rival fest Pitchfork brought its first day to a halt due to storms last weekend -- Lollapalooza organizers have updated their plan for heavy storms.

According to the Chicago Tribune, festivalgoers will be directed by city workers to three underground garages near Grant Park in the event of an evacuation. Promoter C3 Presents says it is making more of an effort to spread information about the shelters' locations via new video screens at the fest's main Michigan Avenue entrance and via its website and social media.

Festivalgoers may also enjoy complimentary cooling buses on the grounds in the event of extremely heat weather, the Chicago Sun-Times reports, and are allowed to bring up to two factory-sealed one-litter water bottles onto the fest grounds.

One thing concert fans aren't allowed to bring to the fest, but will make their way in anyway are drugs. City health officials told CBS Chicago there were "as many as 100" drug overdoses -- mainly ecstasy -- at Lollapalooza last year and they fear they may see even more this year.



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