07/26/2013 08:22 am ET

9 Ways To Work Out In Water (That Aren't Swimming)

Working out in the summer?! As if you aren't hot enough already! Done wrong, your summer sweat sessions can feel like pure dehydrating torture. Done right, you can find a seasonal activity that feels more like fun than fitness.

Which is a good reason to take your workout to the pool (or the ocean or lake) this summer. You'll stay (relatively) cool while you break a sweat and burn major calories -- all while feeling like a splish-splashing kid again.

Here are some of our favorite water workouts (no lap swimming necessary!) and how much you can expect to burn. What's your favorite water workout? Tell us in the comments!

Note: All calorie counts are estimates based on a 150-pound person, and will vary with intensity, body composition and weight.

Water Workouts