07/29/2013 03:56 pm ET

Is Jack The Blind Pomeranian The Next Canine Instagram Sensation? (PHOTOS)


By Liz Acosta, Dogster

Jack the Pomeranian may be the cutest Monday Miracle we've ever seen.

I mean, they're all cute, but Jack is probably the only Monday Miracle you might mistake for a Teddy bear.

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But life for Jack wasn't always so adorable.

Jack's life, like those of many popular breeds, started in a wire cage. Yup, the cute little dog was rescued from a puppy mill in Indiana. Evidence of his dark beginnings is in his canine teeth, which show signs of wear and tear. As a puppy mill dog, Jack developed progressive retinal atrophy, which will eventually rob him of his eyesight entirely.

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But Jack doesn't need to be able to see us to know that we love him.

Now Jack spends his days updating his Facebook page and advocating for puppy mill awareness. He also tries to sneak food samples at the pet boutique he helps his human friend work at, but what he doesn't know is that even though he can't see us, we can definitely see him.

But wait -- there's even more awesomeness to Jack!

Back in January of this year, Jack fought one of his toughest battles yet, surrounding a bout of cancer. Thankful for his life, Jack got his tail dyed pink to show his support for Canine Cancer Awareness Month. I know I'm biased toward pink, but I think it's a good color on him.

So let's see ... Jack was rescued from a puppy mill and survived cancer and is totally adorable and looks good in pink? That's a Monday Miracle for sure!

Photos via Jack's Instagram, which you should totally follow.



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