07/29/2013 10:16 pm ET Updated Jul 30, 2013

Huma Abedin Dines With Philippe Reines, Hillary Clinton Spokesperson: CNN Report

Amid rumors swirling about the Clinton family's feelings toward Anthony Weiner's latest sexting troubles, members of both sides reportedly met in Washington on Monday.

According to CNN, Weiner's wife, Huma Abedin, was spotted at a restaurant with Philippe Reines, a Hillary Clinton spokesperson. The supposed meeting arrives hours after a New York Post report claimed that the Clintons were "livid" over comparisons being made between Abedin and Hillary.

Former Clinton White House Press Secretary Dee Dee Myers appeared to parallel those sentiments Sunday. In an interview with CBS' "Face The Nation," Myers suggested that the Clintons were unhappy over the publicity Weiner's story was drawing.

"This isn't a story that anybody, particularly the Clintons, are happy to see splashed over the front pages and all over the news relentlessly, and I think they as much as anyone would like to see this go away," she said.

Myers later clarified to CBS News in an email that she had not spoken with the family, and should have chosen her words more carefully. The Clinton comparisons arrived after Abedin chose to stand by Weiner's side in a press conference last Tuesday, stressing her love for him and forgiveness for his transgressions.

"Anthony has made some horrible mistakes, both before he resigned from Congress and after," Abedin said last week. "But I do strongly believe that that is between us and our marriage. We discussed all of this before Anthony decided to run for mayor."



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