07/29/2013 11:45 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

13 Political Scandals We'd Like To See Next (PHOTOS)

As if there weren't enough political scandals already, here are some scandals we'd like to see next.

1. Joe Biden - Caught illegally housing several big jungle cats in his Delaware home.
biden leopards

2. Chuck Grassley - Managed to butt-tweet several random characters that look like male genitalia.
chuck grassley

3. Chris Christie - Forces his staff to participate in "Silly Hat Day" against their will.

4. John McCain - Eats the paper off cupcakes.
john mccain

5. Barack Obama - Put an end to White House Pizza Friday, but the pizzas are still being ordered. Where are the pizzas going, Obama? Where are the pizzas?
barack obama

6. John Boehner - Was caught betting on illegal feral cat races.

7. Nancy Pelosi - Was discovered to have a secret profile on, a dating site for people who love mustaches.
nancy pelosi

8. Mitch McConnell - Has a secret family … of bunnies who have somehow managed to blackmail him for large sums of money.
mitch mcconnell

9. Rick Perry - Has a side gig dressing up as Baggy Britches the clown for children's parties and doesn't report the income to the IRS.
political scandals wed like to see

10. Hillary Clinton - Started a fight club.
hillary clinton

11. Michelle Obama - Actually eats nothing but KitKats 90 percent of the time. And was once overheard saying "Kale is bullsh*t."
michelle obama

12. Paul Ryan - Found a way to reanimate the corpse of Ronald Reagan but didn't tell anyone and has just been secretly keeping him at home.
paul ryan

13. Anthony Weiner - Somehow accidentally sent sexts to a billboard in Times Square and in a mass mailing brochure that went out to 3 million people.
anthony weiner



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