07/30/2013 01:39 pm ET

Brian Urlacher Heads To Fox Sports 1


By Brad Gagnon, Awful Announcing

Earlier this offseason, legendary NFL linebackers Ray Lewis and Brian Urlacher walked away from the game. The two weren't exactly rivals on the field, since they were both defenders and played in separate conferences. But they were compared to each other quite often.

Now, we'll have an opportunity to compare them in their post-NFL jobs as the two square off at rival networks. Lewis joined ESPN back in March, and now Urlacher has confirmed a TBL report that he'll be entering the broadcasting game at the soon-to-be-launched Fox Sports 1. Urlacher will join Jay Glazer, Curt Menefee and others on Fox Football Daily, which is slated to debut on Aug. 19.

It's a pretty high-profile gig for a media newbie who wasn't exactly known as the most engaging or media-friendly player, but as a potential Hall of Famer he brings some serious name recognition to FS1. And while Urlacher has been dry at times and doesn't possess that Lewis bravado, he certainly hasn't shied away from telling it like it is over the years.

At least these broadcast teams are starting to become more comfortable employing former players who weren't quarterbacks. Ex-players rarely bring anything of import to these broadcasts, but it's nice to at least get various perspectives from guys who played various positions.

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