07/30/2013 12:03 pm ET Updated Jul 30, 2013

Dirty Blondes Bouncer Beatdown Video Goes Viral; Patrons Alexander Coelho And David Parker Arrested (VIDEO) (UPDATED)

Video of bouncers beating two patrons at Dirty Blondes beach bar in Fort Lauderdale on Sunday has gone viral.

"If you've ever been to Dirty Blondes, chances are you've personally witnessed things teeter on the brink of disaster at least once," pointed out Broward/Palm Beach New Times blogger Falyn Freyman, citing the combustible combo of liquor and sun.

But video posted to Instagram by an onlooker named Keeland Dumont shows things really spiraled out of control when bouncers punched 29-year-old Alexander Coehlo multiple times, stomped his head as he lay on the ground, and punched his girlfriend's brother, David Parker.

"Have a good day!" screams a bouncer again and again after putting Parker in a chokehold.

Records show Coehlo and Parker were the ones arrested, however; Coehlo faces charges of battery on a law enforcement officer and disorderly conduct.

New Times reports that according to a friend, the group was served a drink they didn't like and asked for a replacement, prompting a verbal tirade from a bartender. But when they asked for a manager from security at the front, things turned violent instead.

"What happened to my brother and boyfriend is heartbreaking," Stephanie Parker wrote on Instagram. "No one deserves this not even your worst enemy."

A Facebook page titled "Boycott Dirty Blondes" has popped up in the meantime; it so far has 2,223 "likes" and claims the bouncers involved have criminal records that should have prevented their hiring.

WSVN reports both men hired an attorney after bonding out of jail, and the bar's management wrote on Facebook the incident is under review:

"While we do not condone the actions displayed in the 15-second video circulating, no further statements on what led up to, during or after the incident until we review the matter internally with all parties involved."

Dirty Blondes' official Facebook page has apparently been removed since that posting; its address now redirects to the Facebook homepage.

The Huffington Post has reached out to Fort Lauderdale Police for arrest reports; this story will be updated when they are provided.

UPDATE, 2 p.m.: According to incident reports provided by Fort Lauderdale Police, Coehlo was arrested after responding officers found he had returned to the property and was yelling at security staff, challenging them to fight. "He was so angry, he would not listen," wrote the arresting officer, who reported that Coehlo shoved him in the chest.

Parker, according to police, had also returned to Dirty Blondes and was found in back of the bar, also threatening to fight. "Both subjects had injuries, and blood on them," according to Parker's arrest report.

FLPD spokeswoman Detective DeAnna Greenlaw said in a statement that investigators are aware of the video clip of the bouncers and are looking into the details of the incident.

At this time there have been no reports filed with this agency depicting the incident that was captured on this video. The agency encourages both of the individuals arrested to come forward and file police reports regarding the altercation that took place prior to our arrival on scene. Incidents received by this agency will be given the professional and thorough attention that is deemed necessary.

The aforementioned 15 second video is a disturbing clip, but it is also extremely short. Anyone with further information or video surveillance of the incident is encouraged to contact the Fort Lauderdale Police Department 954-828-5700.