07/31/2013 06:00 am ET

'America's Got Talent' Sword Swallower Does Back Flips, Handstands With Sword In His Mouth(VIDEO)

The live rounds continued on "America's Got Talent," with twelve more hopeful acts taking the stage at Radio City Music Hall in hopes of winning America's votes and moving on to the next round. No one got the attention of the judges and the live audience perhaps as much as sword-swallower Alexandr Magala.

Most sword swallowers are very meticulous and careful about their movements while swallowing and holding the sword inside of them. Not Alexandr. First, he jumped up to wedge the sword even deeper into his throat than it had gone naturally. Then he scared the panel by doing acrobatics. With the sword still in his mouth, he did back flips, walked on his hands, and ultimately threw the sword out of his mouth.

Avery Thompson, writing for Hollywood Life, thinks Alexandr is nuts, but in the best way possible. "Alexandr literally puts his life on the line with every performance," she wrote. "Even though he scares us to death every time he puts his life out there, we are obsessed with this guy.”

Despite all that, Zap2It's Andrea Reiher doesn't think he has what it takes to make it past this round. Yes, she agreed, he's "kind of a bad-ass, but his act was all over the map.”

Find out how he fares as "America's Got Talent" continues on Mondays and Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on NBC.

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