07/31/2013 05:19 am ET

'Covert Affairs': Blackmail Puts A New Person In Charge Of The Domestic Protection Division (VIDEO)

There's a new boss in town on "Covert Affairs." After finding some incriminating photos of Senator Pierson during an investigation at Henry Wilcox's apartment, Joan saw an opportunity. She used the evidence she'd gathered to basically blackmail her way into becoming the new chief.

“Can I just say that it’s such an honor to be working for the first woman to be DCS. I feel like I’m part of CIA history," her secretary told her, bringing in a bottle of wine.

“And I suppose we are," Joan agreed.

Opening the card, Joan saw that it was from Henry Wilcox himself. The card read, "Well played Joanie. You deserve this. Sincerely, Henry Wilcox.”

It's certainly a momentous occasion for Joan, and one that could change the tone of the show for all the agents working under her, including Annie. But will her personal life or history get in the way of her job, as some viewers were fretting on the show's Facebook page?

See how it all plays out as "Covert Affairs" continues on Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on USA.

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