07/31/2013 05:52 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Fast Food Protesters Describe Life At McDonald's, Potbelly (VIDEO)

Fast food workers in multiple U.S. cities have walked off the job this week, and HuffPost Live had two such people on the show Wednesday.

Host Mike Sacks asked McDonald's employee Kareem Starks, who works in New York and said he "anticipated" backlash at work for participating in the protests, what it's like to live on $7.25 per hour.

"It's hard, like, sometimes I have to decide [between] making rent and buying food, or buying food and buying shoes, or, like, you know, paying a bill and taking my kids out to buy dinner." Starks said. "It's just hard, it's really hard."

When asked what a $15 per hour wage would mean to him, Starks said, "$15 means that I can pay my rent at the end of the month, I can feed my kids, buy clothes and still have a little bit of extra change, a little bit to save."

Potbelly Sandwich Shop employee Ryan Wyatt, who lives in Chicago, reiterated Starks' claims, adding that working in the fast food industry often involves feeling "cheated by the people you work for." "You basically have to beg for hours," Wyatt said. "And they will use you how they see fit."

You can watch the entire segment below.



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