07/31/2013 07:54 am ET Updated Sep 30, 2013

Glenn Greenwald, Jeffrey Toobin Argue Over Bradley Manning Verdict (VIDEO)

CNN's Jeffrey Toobin argued fiercely with Glenn Greenwald about the verdict in the Bradley Manning trial on Tuesday's "AC360."

Manning was found guilty on 19 counts, including six counts of espionage, for his leaks to WikiLeaks, but was acquitted of the most serious charge of aiding the enemy. Press freedom groups immediately criticized the ruling, and others worried it could intimidate future leakers and whistleblowers.

Toobin, though, thought the judge, Col. Denise Lind, had gotten it right. He called Manning's leaks "appalling," adding, "he should be going to prison and he will be."

Greenwald said Toobin's remarks showed that "if you're sufficiently rich and powerful and well-connected in Washington, the laws don't apply to you. You don't get punished. The only people who do are people like Bradley Manning." He compared Manning to Bob Woodward, who publishes classified information all the time. Toobin said the lack of selectivity in Manning's releases was what made him different.

"This is how investigative journalism works, Jeff," Greenwald said. "People inside the government with a conscience come forward when they find out things that they're government is doing are wrong and they disclose it to the world through media outlets and journalism. If you think that's criminal, you're essentially calling for the end of investigative journalism."

"I appreciate your education to me of what journalism is, but, you know, releasing 700,000 cables in the completely blunderbuss way is not the same as the work of Dana Priest and Bob Woodward," Toobin replied.



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